NDL Digitized Contents Transmission Service

We offer the “Digitized Contents Transmission Service for libraries”, provided by the National Diet Library (NDL).
This service allows you to browse and photocopy (print) some of the materials digitized by the NDL at Osaka University Library. Materials available through this service are out-of-print or otherwise difficult to obtain.
Please read the following information carefully before using the service.

The NDL has launched a Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals on May 19, 2022. Please refer to the following pages.

*From January 2023, photocopy (print) function will be also available for individuals.


  • Main Library: Inter-library Loan Desk (one designated terminal available)
  • International Studies Library: Reference Counter (one designated terminal available)

Service hours

  • 9:00-17:00 on weekdays

Who can use

  • Undergraduate and graduate students of Osaka University
  • Faculty, staff, researchers, research students, credited auditors, auditors, professors emeriti (a library card is required)
  • *The service is not available for alumni and visitors.

How to use

  • Please present your Student ID card or library card at the desk.
  • Then library staff will log into the computer and have it ready for you.


  • Materials that are “Available only at the NDL and its partner libraries or to official registered users in Japan” can be photocopied (printed) only in accordance with the copyright law (Materials that are “Available Online” can be accessed from anywhere using an internet-connected device).
  • To photocopy materials, you need to fill out a form at the desk with the materials’ information as well as the frame numbers of pages you wish to photocopy. (Library staff will photocopy them for you.)
  • You cannot photocopy materials yourself. Taking photos of and saving digital images are also prohibited.
  • Payment needs to be made by 17:00. Please give yourself extra time when requesting photocopies.
  • You cannot request deliveries of photocopies of materials that are “Available only at the NDL and partner libraries”. Please use these materials at Main Library or International Studies Library.
Photocopying fees per page
Public expensePrivate expense
B&W10 yen25 yen
Color50 yen65 yen

Available materials

  • You can search for materials on NDL Digital Collections.
    • Materials with the access restrictions of “Available only at the NDL and its partner libraries or to official registered users in Japan” can be browsed through this service.
    • You can refine your search results by checking the “Available only at the NDL and its partner libraries or to official registered users in Japan” box.
  • Information on this service is also provided on the NDL’s website (only in Japanese).