Support by Reference Staff

Reference Staff accepts your various inquiries or references. You can ask us anything about materials or information such as following examples, which is needed in your research and study. Please feel free to come to the reference counter of each library.

  • About literature holdings (reference about whether the material or the literature you need is holded in Osaka University or inquire about which instututions holds that.)
  • About searching literature such as how to use databases
  • about how to get the literature
  • about how to get information from reference list / about how to make a reference list
  • about how to check how many times the article has been cited / about how to check the impact factor of a journal which the article is posted
  • inquiry of something (the inquiry is restricted in the area which can be searched and answered with library materials)
  • Introduction of reference books and search tools about something you are researching
Telephone number E-mail
Main Library Reference Counter 06-6850-5070
Life Sciences Library Reference Counter 06-6879-2415
Science and Engineering Library Counter 06-6879-7187
International Studies Library Reference Counter 072-730-5126

In Life Sciences Library Reference Counter, you can reserve inquiries or references by e-mail if you would like to do in detail. If you would like to get more information about this, please check "Inquires/References, Life Sciences Library".