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Osaka University Library (Main Library, Life Sciences Library, Science and Engineering Library, International Studies Library) is open partially but some services are not available.
Library Service Changes (from June 11)
Services in International Studies Library during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Who is a Learning Supporter (LS)?

Learning Supporters (LSs) are graduate student staff in Osaka University Library. They, who specialize in various fileds, will support your studies at the Learning Support Desks. Feel free to ask them for their support!

Creating Pathfinders

Pathfinders are leaflets that introduce useful resources to learn a certain topic. Pathfinders are provided in each library as well as on the website.

Workshops and Guidance

Learning Supporters provide a variety of workshops and guidance that will help students’ studies and college life. The topics range from their specialties to general academic skills. The schedule of the workshops and Guidance and the materials of the past workshops and guidance are available on the website.

Recommending useful books

Learning Supporters select, introduce and exhibit books they recommend.

Learning Supporters in Library

There are 3 LSs. [Apr. 12, 2021]

Desk Hours

Field of StudyLanguageMon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.
Medicine(Health Sciences)D2Chinese, Japanese, English13:00-16:0014:00-18:00
MedicineM2Japanese, English, Chinese12:00-14:0016:00-18:0012:00-14:00
Human Sciences M2Japanese, English14:00-17:0014:00-18:00


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Ask via E-mail

Answered only during LS Desk Hours

Learning Supporters in each library

Each library has a learning support desk.
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