This page introduces to you how to check out and return library materials.

In order to check out materials, Student ID Card (the one with a magnetic stripe on the back) or Library Card is required.

Please check following page about how to get Library Card.

Types of library materials

Types of ibrary materials are listed below.

  1. General books: You can borrow this type of materials. Most of our collection are categorized this type.
  2. Reference books: You can't borrow this type of materials. You can use this group including dictionaries and encyclopedia for the purpose of your study and research.
  3. Rare books: Student, Faculty, Staff and others may use and check out this type of materials, only after the Library Director grant permission.
    You are required to apply to use those books in advance. Please check following page.

Loan periods and limits

Loan periods and limits may differ depending on the library. Please check following page about details.

Main Library  Life Sciences Library  Science and Engineering Library  International Studies Library

Renewing loan periods

You can renew items only one time through  "Check Status of Loan/Reservation" in Web Service on condition the material hasn't been reserved by another user.You can also renew items at the counter.

Return procedure

When the library is closed, return items to the drop box.

You can return items of four libraries and three faculty/research institute libraries to any of those seven libraries.

If an item becomes overdue...

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for the same number of days the item was overdue.

Please return our materials within loan periods.

Due Date Reminder E-mail

Two Kinds of due date reminder e-mails will be sent automatically.

  1. Reminder e-mail of the due date
    • Sent both three days and one day before the due date.
  2. Notice of overdue item

The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address on your library record.

  • OU members: Please check via web service “Edit Your Personal Information”.
  • Alumni and Visitors: Sent to the e-mail address submitted in the application form of the library card.
  • If you are not receiving reminder e-mails, please turn off your e-mail rejection setting for the e-mail address “” and the domain “”.

If you have lost/damaged library materials…

You will be required to pay for them. Please contact library staff at the Desk.


You can't check out library materials without identifying yourself by your Sudent ID/Libray Card. It makes sure that the materials you are borrowing has surely checked out by yourself and prevents undesirable troubles.
Unless another person reserve the materials, the same person can always hold it.It makes sure that many people use and encounter that material.
Please apply to the counter, putting together your Student ID Card / Library Card. You can also check these status through  "Check Status Loan/Reservation" in Web Service.
We will suspend new loans and extensions of the loan period for a certain period of time. In addition, if you do not return for more than 6 months from the return deadline despite the reminder, your eligibility may be suspended.
Please bring that material to the counter. You may compensate for it, depending on the status.