Off Campus Access

Information service providers offer free access to databases, e-journals and e-books in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The information is summarized on the following page. Please use this page for your research and learning.
Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19):free access for databases, E-Journals and E-Books

You can access e-resources (e-journals, e-books and databases) that Osaka University subscribes from home or business trip destinations.When you are within the campus of Osaka University, please use e-resources by clicking each tab of “E-Journals”, “E- Books” and Databases on Library’s website.

Access to e-journals / e-books

E-Resource List

 Advanced search (E-Resource List)

If the title you need is available for off-campus access, authentication screen will appear. After authentication, you can access the journal website.

Publisher / Vendor links

Some Journals are available off-campus via the following link through user authentication by Osaka University Personal ID.

Access to databases

Some databases are available off-campus via the following link through user authentication by Osaka University Personal ID.

Notice of use

  • Osaka University Personal ID and password is required to use it.

    Please check the following page FAQ on Campus-wide IT Authentication Platform Service in Osaka University about Osaka University Personal ID and password.

  • Some e-resources are not available under this service because we provide only the e-resouces which publishers permitted us to access off-campus.

    In this case, please access them on campus.

  • While you are using this service, the URL in your browser’s address will be like the following example.

    If the URL doesn’t contain “”, you are outside this service. Please return within this service by clicking your browser’s “Back” button.

  • When you end the remote access, please click the below button or close your browser to disconnect the authentication.


Please give attentions to protection of copyright and proper use. Following actions are prohibited, and may result in suspension of service.

  • Systematic or programmatic downloading.
  • Reproduction or redistributing of full text file.
  • Other usages beyond research, teaching and personal use.


Some E-resources such as KOD are available off-campus through GakuNin. For more information, please refer to the following website.

Other access way

Following Databese is available from off-campus if you can get ID/PW.