Doctoral Theses

Our institutional repository, Osaka University Knowledge Archive “OUKA”, provides access to electronic versions of doctoral theses/dissertations (full text or abstract).

Theses/Dissertations Contained in the Archive

  • OUKA contains the abstract of doctoral theses/dissertations accepted in March 1958 and later.
  • You can also access full texts of doctoral theses/dissertations which have been made publicly available.

Instructions for Use

  • Please comply with copyright laws when using this archive.
  • Doctoral theses/dissertations (full text/abstract) are available in PDF files.
  • You need Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

How to Search

  1. You can access files grouped by department or year in which the degree was granted.

  2. You can search by specifying a keyword. Please type the word in the field provided on the upper side of the screen. (You can also make a detailed search.)

  3. Data items are as follows
    Thesis/Dissertation Title
    Thesis/Dissertation Title in katakana
    Person to whom the degree was granted
    Person to whom the degree was granted (in katakana)
    Degree Name
    Type of degree
    Date of Granted
    Date on which the degree was granted
    Grant ID
    Number given to each degree granted. The first 5 digits, “14401”, indicates Osaka University.
    Description Number
    Degree certificate number
    Description Specialty
    Area of specialization of the author who received the degree
  4. Search Tips
    • You can also make a full-text search.

Doctoral theses/Dissertations stored in the libraries

Doctoral theses/dissertations are stored in one of the following libraries. Please consult the appropriate library for how to use them.

Library Study Area
Main Library Literature, Human Sciences, Law, Economics, Business Administration, Science, Engineering, Language and Culture, International Public Policy, Information, Academics
Life Sciences Library Medicine, Health, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Academics
Science and Engineering Library Engineering
International Studies Library Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture, Academics, International Studies


  • The Library of the Graduate School of Human Sciences and the Library of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences also have doctoral theses/dissertations in human sciences and pharmaceutical sciences, respectively, but use of these resources are limited to Osaka University students, instructors and staff. Visitors are advised to use the Main Library of the Life Sciences Library.
  • It happens that two or more libraries have doctoral theses/dissertations for the same study area. In such cases, doctoral theses/dissertations are classified and retained in an appropriate library according to their subject.
  • The International Studies Library also keeps doctoral theses/dissertations from the former Osaka University of Foreign Studies.