Life Sciences Library

Library Guide

How to enter library

Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can use Student ID Card. The other students, Faculty and Staff need to get "Library Card".

Visitors can enter the library temporarily on condition you use library materials. At the counter, please fill out your name, address and telephone number in the entering procedure form. You need to get "Library Card" in order to check out materials.

About Library Card, please check the following pages.

"[For Students, Faculty and Staff] Entering the Library and Library Card"

For Students, Faculty and Staff
"Apply for a library card at Life Sciences Library"

Use "[For Alumni, Visitors] Entering the Library and Library Card"

Contact about Library Card

You can inquire about or apply Library Card from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Circulation Desk(1F)

Checkout / Return

Loan Periods and Limits

General Books:all materials except journals and in-library use books

User Status Types of Materials Limits Loan Periods Notes
Osaka University Members / Alumni General Books(except journals) Total 8 vols. 2 Weeks
Journals Total 8 vols. overnight You have to return materials by 11:00 a.m. on the next day when library opens.
Visitors except Alumni* General Books(except journals) Total 4 vols. 2 Weeks

*Those who are 18 years old or more except for high school students and are able to come to library directly for checkout/return for the purpose of learning or research can use this service.

Renewing Loan Periods

You can renew General Books only one time at the counter on condition the material hasn't been reserved by another user.
OU members can also renew items through  "Check Status of Loan/Reservation" in Web Service.

Return Procedure

When the library is closed, return items to the drop box. You can return items of four libraries and two faculty/research institute libraries to any of those nine libraries.

If an Item Becomes Overdue...

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for the same number of days the item was overdue. Please return our materials within loan periods.

Due Date Reminder E-mail

Two Kinds of due date reminder e-mails will be sent automatically.

  1. Reminder e-mail of the due date
    • Sent both three days and one day before the due date.
  2. Notice of overdue item

The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address on your library record.

  • OU members: Please check via web service “Edit Your Personal Information”.
  • Alumni and Visitors: Sent to the e-mail address submitted in the application form of the library card.
  • If you are not receiving reminder e-mails, please turn off your e-mail rejection setting for the e-mail address “” and the domain “”.

If you have lost/damaged library materials...

You will be required to pay for them. Please contact library staff at the Circulation Desk.

Contact about Checkout/Return

Circulation Desk(1F)

Copying Service

Contact about Copying Service

For the purpose of research, you can make copies of materials only to the extent permitted by copyright law. If you would like to make one or more copies, please inform a staff member at Circulation Desk after agreeing the copyright rules listed below.

  • The number of pages copied must not exceed half of the work
  • Theses and other articles published in periodicals can be copied in their entirety as long as the next issue has already been published or three months have passed since the current issue was published.
  • Only one copy of something can be made per person. I.e., multiple copies are not permitted.
  • Copying is for the purpose of research by the user.
  • Regardless of whether compensation is received or not, copies are not to be re-copied or distributed.
Circulation Desk(1F)
Copying Fee
Types of Expense B&WColor Service Hours
Weekdays Saturdays & Sundays
OU members University's expense 10yen 50yen Until 15 minutes before the closing time Until 15 minutes before the closing time
personal expense (in cash) 25yen 65yen 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. N/A
Non-OU members 45yen 90yen 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. N/A

About CO-OP Copying Machine

CO-OP Copying Machine is located in front of Circulation Desk(1F). If you have CO-OP Copy Card, you can use this machine. Before copying, you are required to fill out application form.

  • Only OU members can use CO-OP Copying Machine.
  • Copying in black and white costs 10 yen, in color 50 yen.
  • Please note that you can't get a receipt.

Borrowing Materials / Request Document Copies

Borrowing Materials and Request Document Copies【OU Members Only】

You can make a request for a loan of materials and copies of documents which library doesn't hold.

  • Journals are not available for borrowing :On the other hand, you are able to gain copies of parts of journals. You can reequest document copies only to the extent permitted by copyright law.
  • At first, please check if Osaka University holds the material you need and where the material is by searching OPAC. When you need journals, you also need to search E-Journals.
  • Feel free to ask staff at Reference Desk.

For the details, please check the following pages.

Use “Borrowing materials and request document copies”

Contact about Borrowing Materials and Request Document Copies

Reference Desk(1F)
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.(Weekdays)

E-Mail Service for Requesting Document Copies

You can also request document copies by E-mail. You are required to register in order to use this service. This service fee is equal to direct application at the reference desk; But we give priority to direct applications, so we recommend you come to our Desk if you are in hurry.

Using Doctoral Theses

We hold following doctoral theses: Medicine, Health, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Flontier Biosciences, Academics.

  • Available hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays
  • We don't hold master theses and graduation theses.
  • Please check the following page about holding library of other theses and searching theses.
    Find "Doctoral Theses"

Contact about Doctoral Theses

Reference Desk(1F)

Ask Us / Research Help

Reference Staff accepts your various inquiries or references. You can ask us anything about materials or information such as following examples, which is needed in your research and study.

  • About literature holdings (reference about whether the material or the literature you need is holded in Osaka University or inquire about which instututions holds that.)
  • About searching literature such as how to use databases(from 1 person to several persons)
  • About concrete exercises of searching
  • About how to get information from reference list / about how to make a reference list
  • About how to check how many times the article has been cited / about how to check the impact factor of a journal which the article is posted
  • About Copyright Law concerning writing articles
  • About scales concerning specific problem
  • About Instructions to Authors

Contact about Ask Us / Research Help

Reference Desk(1F)
From 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays

Notes for users

Food and Drink

  • About Drink: You can bring drinks only in spill-proof containers such as plastic bottles.
  • About Food: You cannot bring any food.

Using Phone

  • Please refrain from using a mobile phone in our library.(Hospital staff can use PHS.)

Other Notes

  • Always carry your valuables, and take notice of theft.
  • Put the book you use in our library back to the shelf.
  • Don't lend your Student ID Card or Library Card to another person.