This page introduces you the characteristics of the facilities in our library and how to use them.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms are for the use of two or more people for study or discussion. There are two group study rooms on the fifth floor.


  • Seating capacity: 8 people
  • Wireless LAN available
  • Whiteboard ・ TV(Video, CD and DVD can be played)


  • Please apply to the Main Counter for use. Reservation is also possible.
  • You can use a group study room up to three hours in succession, but only until 30 minutes before the closing time. If there is no reservation for the group study room, you can continue using the same room for another three hours. Please come to the Main Counter once when three hours have passed.

Study Rooms

  • These are two study rooms on the fifth floor.
  • Drinking from a container with lid is allowed in these rooms.
  • These study rooms are closed during school holiday.

Audio-Visual Hall

  • Audio-Visual Hall is for lectures, seminars, etc. It’s on the fifth floor.
  • Seating capacity: 176 people
  • If you would like to use Audio-Visual hall, please contact International Studies Library. (Tel: 072-730-5126)