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Books Purchase Request

This page is for members of Osaka University.

Notes to check before making a request

  • Any member of Osaka University can make a book purchase request to International Studies Library.
  • The Book Selection Small Committee will consider whether or not to purchase each requested item based on the following criteria for request.
  • The result will be sent within two weeks to the contact information provided at the time of application.
  • Depending on the budget situation, requests may be denied even if the criteria are met, or may be closed mid-fiscal-year.
  • The purchased item will be laced in International Studies Library.
  • If a purchase is decided, you will be given priority to borrowing it. We will notify you by email when the book becomes available. It will take one month for Japanese books and two months for foreign books, or longer depending on the availability of the publisher.

The Criteria for request

Books we collect

  • Books on languages
  • Books on foreign cultures or foreign country studies
  • Books which are regarded necessary to have in our library for education or research

Books we do not collect

  • Books that other Osaka University Libraries (Main Lib., Life Sciences Lib, Science and Engineering Lib. and Intl. Studies Lib.) already have
  • Books considered to be appropriate to be bought by individuals such as comic books, crambooks to pass an exam, workbooks, travel guidebooks, etc.
  • Magazines(Serials), sheet music and music CD
  • Relatively cheap books
  • When the requesting person didn't write the reason why he/she has requested it in the "book purchase request"
  • Other stuffs which are not appropriate for our library to possess

How to apply

Undergraduate students, graduate students, research students / non-degree research students, credited auditors and auditors of Osaka University

Please apply using the following web application form.

Contact  Purchase Request (for Students) - Library Web Service
*Personal ID and password are required.
Required information Title, edition, author name, publisher, publish year, ISBN, Price including tax (Yen) and purpose of request

Faculty and staff of Osaka University

Please send an email to the address below.

Contact Technical Services Office
Required information Subject Book Purchase Request
Main message Applicant information Your name, affiliation and contact
Book information Title, edition, author name, publisher, publish year, ISBN, Price including tax (Yen), purpose of request and whether or not you wish to receive priority lending

Inquiry about Book Purchase Request

Technical Services Office