International Studies Library


The parking space is limited, so please plan to use public transport.


3-10-1 Semba Higashi, Minoh, Osaka 562-0035

*The library is located adjacent to Minoh Campus (directly connected to Research and Education Hub by a deck)


Campus map

This map shows the location of Minoh campus and the library.

Clicking on the following image, you can get a printable pdf file.

Minoh Campus Map

Available Public Transport

  • Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line (Osaka Metro Midosuji Line) Senri-Chuo sta. / Osaka Monorail Main Line Senri-Chuo sta. > Hankyu Bus

    Take Hankyu bus at Senri Chuo terminal 7([81][82][83]・[85]・[22]) or terminal 11([19][20])
    → Get off at "新船場南橋(Shinsemba-minamibashi)" or "新船場北橋"(Shinsemba-kitabashi)
    → about 5 minutes on foot

    Senri-Chuo Rail Map / Station Guide (Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line)

    Senri-chuo Time Table (Osaka Monorail)

    Senri Chuo -The Bus stop guide (Hankyu Bus)

  • Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line (Osaka Metro Midosuji Line) Senri-Chuo sta. / Osaka Monorail Main Line Senri-Chuo sta. > about 25 minutes on foot

    Go north along Shin-Midosuji.
    *Please refrain from passing through residential areas.

  • Inter-Campus Shuttle Bus from Toyonaka / Suita Campus (OU members only)

    Bus for "Minoh Campus"→ about 3 minutes on foot

    Time table

Searching the route to our library

You can search the route to our library from the specific start point (such as a station, address, etc.). Clicking on the following link and input start point.

Link to the page for searching the route 

Visit by car, motercycle or bicycle

There is no free parking or bicycle parking around the library.

There is a public parking lot (116 standard-sized cars [including 4 parking spaces for persons with disabilities] and 86 motorcycles) on the first basement floor of the public facility complex where the library is located.
*Parking charges apply.

Please refer to the following page for the entry route to the parking lot.

A public bicycle parking lot (950 bicycles and 495 mopeds) is also nearby.
*Parking charges apply.

The library does not issue parking tickets or discount coupons.
However, if you have a disability certificate card, you can apply for a 50% reduction. Please come to the Service Counter on the second floor.

Parking charges

Minoh Semba Parking

Standard-sized car 200 yen/h
Maximum charge for 24h: 700 yen
Motorcycle 100 yen/h
Maximum charge for 24h: 300 yen

Minoh Semba Daiichi Bicycle Parking

up to 90 minutes free of charge
more than 90 minutes Bicycle: 100 Yen
Moped: 200 Yen