International Studies Library


Information about the library equipment.

PCs for searching


OPACs are located on each floor.

OPAC Terminals are not connected to printers.

PC for walk-in users

There is a PC for walk-in users on the third floor.

If you are a walk-in user, please use this terminal to access to OPAC, databases and e-journals.

There may be restrictions on your use as a walk-in user.

This PC is not connected to a printer.

Wireless LAN Connection for your own devices 【OU members only】

You can connect your own laptop computers and tablet computers to the network via the library's Wireless LAN.

Your Personal ID is required to connect to the network.

Big Pad (an interaction whiteboard)

Big Pad is located in the AV commons. Please apply to the Reference Counter on the third floor for use.


We have one projector each in Group Study Room 1 and in the AV commons. Both can be checked out within the library, i.e., they can be used in any room in the library.

Magnification Reading Machine

We have a video magnifier in front of the Reference Counter on the third floor.

It can enlarge the view of printed materials, convert the image to black and white, and enhance the contrast.

Please feel free to use.