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Osaka University Library (Main Library, Life Sciences Library, Science and Engineering Library, International Studies Library) is open partially but some services are not available.
Library Service Changes (from June 11)
Services in International Studies Library during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Who is a Learning Supporter (LS)?

Learning Supporters (LSs) are graduate student staff in Osaka University Library. They, who specialize in various fileds, will support your studies at the Learning Support Desks. Feel free to ask them for their support!

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Learning Supporters in International Studies Library

Learning Support Desk will be reopened in April 2023 and Online Study Support will be resumed at the same time.

There are 6 LSs belonging to the Graduate School of Humanities. [2023.4.3-]

Calender  ※2023.3.22 updated

Inter national studies library LS Calender

MajorSupported languagesGradeMon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.
Comparative study of Spanish and French subjunctivesSpanish, EnglishM213:00-16:00
American LiteratureEnglishD311:00-13:00
Descriptive study of Hausa contact variantsArabian, HausaM213:00-16:00
Benjamin・Urban studiesGerman, EnglishM211:00-14:00
Pragmatic stylisticsEnglishM214:00-17:00
Myanmar political historyBurmese, EnglishD311:00-14:00

 LS Recommended Books

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Learning Supporters in each library

Each library has a learning support desk.
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*Life Sciences Library's Learning Support Desk has been suspended since April 2022. Please contact the LSs of the other 3 libraries.