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Location of Materials on A5F of Main Library

Library Guide

Undergraduate students and graduate students can use your Student ID Card as your Library Card.
The other students, faculty and staffs need to apply for a Library Card.
Alumni and visitors who want to use the library materials can enter the library by filling out the application form at the Main Entrance. To check out library materials, please apply for a Library Card.
To see information about how to apply for a Library Card, please check the following pages.

Use "[For Students, Faculty and Staff] Entering the Library and Library Card"
Use "[For Alumni, Visitors] Entering the Library and Library Card"

Contact about Library Card

You can inquire about or apply for a Library Card from 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays.

Main Desk (Building A 2F) 06-6850-5067

Bring your Student ID Card (magnetic type) or Library Card.

Loan Periods and Limits

General Books (all materials except in-library-use materials such as rare books and reference books)

Short-Term Loan (all materials)

User Status Types of Materials Limits Loan Periods
Osaka University Members General Books (except Unbound Journals) 20 Books 2 Weeks
Unbound Journals 3 Journals About an Hour
1 Journal 16:00 - : Until 11:00 on the Next Day
Alumni General Books (except Unbound Journals, Micro-Materials, Newspapers and Kakenhi Reports) 10 Books 2 Weeks
Non-Osaka University Members
Citizens of Minoh
General Books (except Unbound Journals, Micro-Materials, Newspapers and KAKEN-Reports) 5 Books 2 Weeks (Cannot renew the loan period)

Long-Term Loan ("Stacks" "Chinese Books" "Automated Stacks" materials only)

User Status Types of Materials Limits Loan Periods
  • Faculty
  • Research Fellows
General Books (except Newspapers and Journals) 60 Books 1 Year
  • Graduate Students
  • Administrative Staff
  • Professors Emeritus
  • Research Students
30 Books 6 Months

Renewing Loan Periods

You can renew the loan period of General Books only one time through  "Check Status of Loan/Reservation" in Web Service on condition the material hasn't been reserved by another user.
You can also renew at the self-check machine.

*NOTES: You cannot extend the loan period of following materials.

  • AV-Materials, Journals, Newspapers and Micro-Materials

Return Procedure

When the library is closed, please put items into the Return Box located in front of the main entrance.
You can return items of four libraries and four faculty/ research institute libraries of Osaka University at any of those eight libraries.

If an Item Becomes Overdue...

Borrowing right will be suspended for the same number of days the item was overdue.
Please return materials within loan periods.

Due Date Reminder E-mail

Two Kinds of due date reminder e-mails will be sent automatically.

  1. Reminder e-mail of the due date
    • Sent both three days and one day before the due date.
  2. Notice of overdue item

The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address on your library record.

  • OU members: Please check via web service “Edit Your Personal Information”.
  • Alumni and Visitors: Sent to the e-mail address submitted in the application form of the library card.
  • If you are not receiving reminder e-mails, please turn off your e-mail rejection setting for the e-mail address “” and the domain “”.

If you have lost/ damaged library materials…

You will be required to pay for them. Please contact library staff at the Main Desk.

Contact about Checkout/ Return

Main Desk (Building A 2F) 06-6850-5067

Contact about Copying Service

Please contact ILL Desk, if you would like to copy by university expense, or need a receipt.

ILL Desk (Building C 2F) 06-6850-5068
9:00-17:00 (Weekdays)

Payment for Copying at ILL Desk

Black and WhiteColor
Osaka University Members University Expense 10 Yen 50 Yen
Your Own Expense(Cash Only) 25 Yen 65 Yen
Non-Osaka University Members 45 Yen 90 Yen

Using COOP's Copy Machines

We have two copy machines (coin and COOP's copy card) in front of Main Desk.

  • Copying in black and white costs 10 yen, in color 50 yen.
  • You can recieve no receipt.

Borrowing Materials and Request Document Copies from Other Libraries【OU Members Only】
For the details, please check the following pages.

Contact about Borrowing Materials and Request Document Copies

ILL (Inter Library Loan) Desk (Building C 2F) 06-6850-5068
9:00-17:00 (Weekdays)

Rare Books

We have various rare books. To use them, you have to apply in advance.

Contact about Using Rare Books

Reference Desk in the Main Library

  • FAX:06-6850-5069

Service Hours

  • 9:00-17:00 (Weekdays)

Doctorial Theses Using Procedure

  • Please ask us at Main Desk and fill out the application form (title, year and number of theses).
  • You can read only doctorial theses (you cannot read master theses and guraduation theses).
  • You can read the whole pages and abstract of the doctorials theses submitted after 2013 through OUKA (Osaka University Knowledge Archive).
    ※The theses which you cannot find the file of the whole pages in OUKA are avirable only in the library (photocopy is not permitted). Please come to Main Desk on A2F.
  • Theses before 2013 are also available only in the library (you cannot take them out of the library).
    ※You can copy them to the extent of a half because of the copyright.
  • Service hours: 9:00-16:30 on weekdays. Please return theses until 17:00.
  • Please search the following page for theses.

Search: Doctorial Theses

Contact about Doctorial Theses

Main Desk (Building A 2F) 06-6850-5067

We accept purchase requests for books to be shelved in Main Library from Osaka University students.

Who can make a request?

  • Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Research Students, Credited Auditors, and Auditors of Osaka University

Limit (for 2022 fiscal year)

  • Up to 40,000 JPY in total and ten books per person during one fiscal year

The Criteria for request

We collect:

  • Books are not held in Osaka University Libraries.
  • Books necessary for study or research of Osaka University students.
  • Books useful for Osaka University students to enrich their culture.

We do not accept the request for books or any other materials below:

  • less than 1,000 JPY (including tax)
  • over 40,000 JPY (including tax)
Material Type
  • Materials other than books, for example: periodicals, audio/ visual materials, musical scores, etc.
  • Books for personal fun or use, considered to be appropriate to be bought by individuals, for example:
    comics, fiction, books for hobbies or practical use, travel guides, books for qualification tests, etc.
  • Books for highly specialized studies
  • Any books judged inappropriate for Main Library’s collection
  • Secondhand books

How to make a request

Please send all the required information below via “request form” under  Web Service.

  • If the book cannot be purchased, we will inform you via e-mail within a week or two.
  • We will inform you via e-mail when the book becomes available.
    * It will take a month for Japanese books / two months for foreign books to become available. (It may take longer depending on its availability.)
Request Form
Required Information Title, Edition, Author, Publisher, Year, ISBN, Price *incl. tax, Purpose


  • When we have expended all the allocated budget for purchase request, we will close acceptance of requests earlier than the end of the fiscal year and might decline your request.

June 1st, 2022 Osaka University Main Library

Reference Desk

We are pleased to have your inquiries or references. Please feel free to ask us anything about literature or information for research and study.

  • literature possession (inquiry about whether a material or literature is holded by Osaka University Library or about which instutution holds it.)
  • searching literature, such as how to use databases
  • how to get literature
  • how to read or make a reference list
  • how to check how many times the article has been cited, or how to check the impact factor (IF)
  • Researching about a specific matter (to the extent that our staff can search and answer with library materials)
  • Introduction of reference books or searching tools useful for what you are searching for
Reference Desk (Building B 2F) 06-6850-5070
9:00-17:00 (Weekdays)

Learning Support Desk

Learning Supporters (LSs), graduate student staff, will support your study.

LSs are graduate students from various departments and will support study of students, especially undergraduates. You can meet LSs at the Learning Support Desk of Learning Commons and Global Commons. Check the following pages for the schedule of each Learning Support Desk.

Research "Learning Support Desk"

Main Library Floor Map(2F)

To keep our library comfortable, please observe the following rules.

Food and Drink

  • You can bring drinks only in spill-proof containers such as plastic bottles.
  • We have two lounges, into which you can also bring cup-drinks.
  • You cannot bring any foods.

Talking on Cellphone or Skype etc.

  • Except in Cellphone Booth (Building B 3F), please refrain from using a mobile phone or Skype etc. in the library.

Other Notes

  • Always carry your valuables, and take notice of theft.
  • Put the book you used in the library back to the shelf.
  • Please refrain from lending your Student ID Card or Library Card to another person.