Main Library


Desktop PCs
【OU members only】

They are located on 3F in Building B.
You can use them with your personal ID (u-------).

Rental Service of Laptop PCs
【OU members only】

This service is no longer available.
(30th September, 2022)

【OU members only】

We have 5 projectors, you can borrow one at Main Desk.

Print out Files

You can print PDF files in your USB stick. You can also use "Cloud Print Service".
A3, A4 paper only. (b&w 10yen, color 50yen)
Coins are necessary. The copy machine is located on:

  • 2F in Building B (Learning Commons)

Wireless LAN Service
【OU members only】

You can connect your own laptop computer and tablet computer to the network with Wireless LAN in the whole library.
To connect to the network, please enter your Personal ID (u-------).

Image Scanners
【OU members only】

We have 2 image scanners, you can borrow one at Main Desk.


This is the machine to read micro-materials and to print them out.
To use the microreader and the printer, please apply to ILL Desk. (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00)

Electronic Whiteboards
【OU members only】

Some electronic whiteboards are located in Global Commons.
You can borrow equipments necessary to use a electronic whiteboard at Main Desk.

Presentation System
【OU members only】

It is the system composed of a ceiling projector and microphones.
You can borrow equipments necessary to use the presentation system at Main Desk.

Magnification Reading Machine

This machine is located on 3F in Building A. (*stationary type)
It can enlarge the view of printed materials, convert the image to black and white, and enhance the contrast.
Please feel free to use.