Main Library


This page shows you characteristics of materials in our library and how to use them.

  • Textbooks
  • Career Support Books
  • Course Reserve Books
  • Rare Books


We have textbooks designated in the syllabus of Zengaku-Kyotsu-Kyoiku.

  • Some of them cannot be borrowed.
  • The syllabus is also here.

Career Support Books

We have books useful to think about work and career.

  • Books about work and career
  • Books about types of job and industry
  • Books collecting past questions of licence and adoption exam
  • Magazines about business information

Course Reserve Books

We have textbooks used in the following programs.

  • Multicultural Innovation Program
  • G30 Human Science Program
  • G30 Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program

Only students who belong to these programs can borrow them. Loan periods vary for each program. Anyone can read them in the library.

Rare Books

You can read them by an application. Please read the following page about more information.

Using Rare Books