Main Library

Books Purchase Request

We accept purchase requests for books to be shelved in Main Library from Osaka University students.

Who can make a request?

Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Research Students, Credited Auditors, and Auditors of Osaka University

Limit (for 2024 fiscal year)

Up to 25,000 JPY in total and five books per person during one fiscal year

The Criteria for request

We collect:

  • Books are not held in Osaka University Libraries.
  • Books necessary for study or research of Osaka University students.
  • Books useful for Osaka University students to enrich their culture.

We do not accept the request for books or any other materials below:

  • less than 1,000 JPY (including tax)
  • over 25,000 JPY (including tax)
Material Type
  • Materials other than books, for example: periodicals, audio/ visual materials, musical scores, etc.
  • Books for personal fun or use, considered to be appropriate to be bought by individuals, for example:
    comics, fiction, books for hobbies or practical use, travel guides, books for qualification tests, etc.
  • Books for highly specialized studies
  • Any books judged inappropriate for Main Library’s collection
  • Secondhand books

How to make a request

Please send all the required information below via “request form” under Web Service.

  • If the book cannot be purchased, we will inform you via e-mail within a week or two.
  • We will inform you via e-mail when the book becomes available.
    * It will take a month for Japanese books / two months for foreign books to become available. (It may take longer depending on its availability.)
Request Form Books Purchase Request (for Students)
* Osaka University Personal ID and password is required to use it.
Required Information Title, Edition, Author, Publisher, Year, ISBN, Price *incl. tax, Purpose


  • When we have expended all the allocated budget for purchase request, we will close acceptance of requests earlier than the end of the fiscal year and might decline your request.

Apr. 12, 2024 Osaka University Main Library