How to use databases


In order to use the following databases, you need to register your information or install the client software.

Databases which require registration or client software

Access to SciFinder

Access notes

  • If you’re a first time user, User Registration is required.for access from on campus
  • Structure drawing requires a Java (JRE) plug-in.
  • Concurrent user limit: None
  • Default timeout setting: 20 minutes
  • If you forgot your username and password, please refer to here (Japanese).


Before using PsycINFO, you need to get ID and Password.
*There is no charge for the service.

Access to PsycINFO

  • PsycINFO

    This database is available from off-campus.

How to get ID/Password

Please apply to the library from each laboratory. (However, someone who doesn’t belong to any laboratories can apply individually.)

  1. Choose principal contacts. (Principal contacts needs to have an e-mail address.)
  2. Contact to .
    • Subject: "PsycINFO利用申請"
    • Body: the institute or the laboratory, name of the principal contacts, e-mail address, TEL, FAX
  3. ID and password will be emailed to you.

*Be sure to send an e-mail using "" domain. We don’t accept applications from other domains.
*Please keep us informed of any change of e-mail address.

About ID/password

  • Please be careful in managing ID and password.
  • We will change the password once a year.

Contact us

  • For inquiries, please refer to Ask Us.