International Studies Library

Library Guide

Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can use Student ID Card.

The other students, Faculty and Staff need to get “Library Card”.

Visitors can enter the library temporarily on condition you use library materials. At the counter, please fill out your name, address and telephone number in the entering procedure form. You need to get “Library Card” in order to check out materials.

About Library Card, please check the following pages.

Use “[For Students, Faculty and Staff] Entering the Library and Library Card”

Use “[For Alumni, Visitors] Entering the Library and Library Card”

Inquiry about Library Card

You can inquire about or apply for a Library Card from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Main Counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

Loan Periods and Limits

User Status Types of Materials Limits Loan Periods Materials unable to chech out
Part-time lecturers
Books 30 vols. 3 months ・Reference Books(dictionaries, encyclopedias, statistics, yearbooks)
・audio-visual materials (Reading room, 1F)
・latest periodicals
Journals 5 vols. 1 week
Graduate(M,D)s Books 20 vols. 1 month
Journals 5 vols. 1 week
Undergraduate students
Research students
Books 10 vols. 3 weeks
Journals 5 vols. 1 week
Minoh residents
Books 5 vols. 3 weeks
Journals 3 vols. 1 week
Visitors from outside Minoh※ books 5 vols. 2 weeks ・Reference Books(dictionaries, encyclopedias, statistics, yearbooks)
・audio-visual materials (Reading room, 1F)

※Thoese who are 20 years old or older, who have the purpose of learning or research, and who can come directly to the library to checkout/return books.

Renewing Loan Periods

You can renew General Books only for one time through  “Check Status of Loan/Reservation” in Web Service” on condition the material hasn’t been reserved by others.

You can also renew items at the counter.

※Please be aware that it is not possible to renew magazines.

Return Procedure

When the library is closed, return items to the drop box.

You can return items of four libraries and four faculty/research institute libraries to any of those nine libraries.

If an Item Becomes Overdue…

Borrowing privileges will be suspended according to the number of overdue days.

Please return our materials within loan periods.

Two Kinds of E-mails for Notices from Library

Library sends you two kinds of E-mails listed below about returning items. This e-mail will be sent by an automatic e-mail system.

  1. A notice e-mail two days before the due-date
  2. A notice e-mail an overdue item

You can stop service umber One through “Mail Sending setting” of “Check Status of Loan/Reservation” in Web Service

If You Have Lost/Damaged Library Materials…

You will be required to pay for them. Please contact library staff at the Main Counter.

Inquiry about Checkout/Return

Main Counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

For the purpose of research, you can make copies of materials only to the extent permitted by copyright law.

If you would like to make one or more copies, please tell a staff member at the Main Counter. In order to make a copy, you have to agree on the following rules.

  • The number of pages copied must not exceed half of the work.
  • Theses and other articles published in periodicals can be copied in their entirety if the next issue has already been published, or if three months have passed since the current issue was published.
  • For each item, only one copy can be made per person. I.e., multiple copies are not permitted.
  • Making copies is permitted only for the purpose of research.
  • Regardless of whether compensation is received or not, copies are not to be re-copied or distributed.

Copying Fee

Type of Expense
Procedures etc.
Personal expense
(in cash)
10yen for one copy. You can also use one thuosand yen. Two coin-operated copy machines available next to the Main country(1F)
Personal expense
(Prepaid card issued by Master’s council)
You can use prepaid card issued by Master’s council. One copy machine for the exclusive use of Master student available next to the Main Country(1F)
Univercity’s expense
(Professors from Minoh campus)
You can use Xerox Card issued by Graduated School of Language and Culture or the school office of school of Foreign Studies. One copy macxhine for the exclusive use of professors available at the first floor of closed stacks.
University’s expense
(Professors from Other campuses)
Staff will make a copy for you

Inquiry about Copying Service

Main Counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

Borrowing Materials and Request Document Copies【OU Members Only】

You can make a request for a loan of materials and copies of documents which International Studies Library doesn’t have.

  • Journals are not available for borrowing. However, you can have copies of the part of journals you need. You can request document copies only to the extent permitted by copyright law.
  • First, please check if Osaka University has the material you need and, where the material belongs to through OPAC. When you need journals, please also search E-Journals.
  • Please feel free to ask us at the Main Counter.

For future information, please refer to the following pages.

Use “Borrowing materials and request document copies”

Inquiry about Borrowing Materials and Request Document Copies

You can receive the book you have requested during the opening hours. However, when costs are involved, you have to come to us from 9:00 till 17:00 on weekdays to pay the costs so that you can recieve the book.

Main Counter(1F)  

About Using the Closed Stacks

  • Anyone has access to the Closed Stacks.
  • The entrance door is locked. You can recieve the key at the Main Counter on the first floor.
  • You have to leave your Student Card or Library Card at the Main Counter to receive the key.
  • You cannnot enter the Closed Stacks with your belongings except valuables and stationery. Please store your luggage in a locker.
  • You can use the materials from the Closed Stacks 15 minutes before the closing time.

About Using Materials from the Closed Stacks

Reading inside the Library

  • Please fill in the prescribed form at the Main Counter.
  • You have to leave your Student Card or Library Card at the Main Counter to read materials.
  • Please return the materials to the Main Counter, not to the stacks, after reading.


  • You cannot use Self-Checkout machines for materials from the Closed Stacks.Please come to the Main Counter to borrow/return materials.

Making copies

  • Please fill in the prescribed form at the Main Counter.
  • You have to leave your Student Card or Library Card at the Main Counter to copy materials.
  • Please return the materials to the Main Counter, not to the stacks, after making a copy.

Inquiry about About Using the Closed Stacks

Main Counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

Valuable Books(including Ishihama Collection) were relocated to Main Library in October, 2014.

For further information about using, please ask Main Library.

We have doctoral theses from “Studies in Language and Society” and “Studies in Japanese Language and Culture” from the Graduate School of Language and Culture.

  • Anyone has access to them until thirty minutes before the closing time.
  • You can read them and make a copy inside our library subject to Copyright Act. However, you cannnot check out those theses.
  • We have theses published after 1998, including those from formaer Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
  • We do not hold any graduation thesis.
  • Please refer to the following page about whether we have a doctoral thesis from Osaka University and how to find them.
    Find a degree thesis

Inquiry about doctoral theses

Main counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

How to make a request for purchasing a new book

  • Anyone can make a request.
  • Please fill in the book purchase request, and put it in the request box on the second floor or bring it to us at the Main Counter on the first floor.
  • The Book Selection Small Committee will consider whether to purchase it or not.
  • We will tell you the result through the contact information you gave us.The result will be also made avaible on the file next-to the request box.
  • If the book you requested are to be purchased, you will be given priority to borrow the book unless it is a dictionary.

The Criteria for request

Books we collect
  • Books on language
  • Books on foreign cultures or foreign country studies
  • Books which are regarded necessary to have in our library for education or research
Books we do not collect
  • Those books other Osaka University Libraries already have
  • When the requesting person didn’t write the reason why he/she has requested it in the book purchase request
  • Books which are considered to be appropriate to be bought by individuals such as comic books, crambooks to pass an exam, workbooks, travel guidebooks, etc.
  • Magazines(Serials), music, and music CD
  • Relatively cheap books
  • Other stuffs which are not appropriate for our library to possess

Inquiry abot Books Purchase Request

Main Counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

We are pleased to have your inquiries or references. Please feel free to ask us anything about literature or information for research and study.

  • literature posession(inquiry about whether a material or literature is holded by Osaka University Library or about which instutution holds it.)
  • searching literature such as how to use databases
  • how to read or make a reference list
  • how to check how many times the article has been cited, or how to check the impact factor of a journal where the article is posted
  • Researching about the specific matter(to the extent that our staff can search and answer with library materials.)
  • Introduction of reference books or searching tools useful for what you are searching

Inquiry about Ask Us/Research Help

Main Counter(1F) 072-730-5126  

Learning Supporter (LS)

Learning Supporters (LSs) are graduate student staff who support your study. As senior to you, undergraduate students, LSs who are major in various fields can support you. For the details about LSs, please check the following pages.

Research “Learning Support Desk”

To keep our library comfortable, please observe the following rules.

Food and Drink

  • About drink: You can only bring drink in a container with lid such as a plastic bottle with lid and a canteen.
  • Eatng is prohibited in our library (including candy or chewing gum).

Using Phone

  • Please put your cellphone on vibrate and use it outside the library, please do not use your phone inside the library.

Other Notes

  • Make sure to always carry your valuables, and pay attention to theft.
  • Please return the book you used inside the library to original plase.
  • Do not lend your Student ID Card or Library Card to other.
  • Smoking is prohibited.