Book Purchases


Library Book Orders

  1. Make a book purchase request to libraries:
    If you find out that Osaka University Library doesn’t have books you need after checking Library Catalog (OPAC), you can make book a book purchase request to libraries. Please refer to the following pages or ask for details at the desk of each library.
    Main Library  Life Sciences Library  Science and Engineering Library  International Studies Library
  2. Take part in “Book selections tour” or “Book selections web”:
    We have two events each year : “Student Book Selecting Tour” and “Student Book Selecting on the Web”, where full-time students can select library books at a bookstore of on the web. Please visit the page: “Student-selected books”.


Purchase Books with Your Research Funds

Please refer to “Guide for Purchasing Books and Registration” (図書購入、資産登録ガイド) *.
for access from on campus.

Suggest Library Books

  1. Textbooks and Reference Books of Your Classes

    We make comprehensive purchase of textbooks and reference books used in classes, by checking the sales lists for students provided by Osaka University CO-OP. Please indicate textbooks and reference books of your classes by replying to the inquiries from Univ. CO-OP made twice a year before coming semester (in January and July).

  2. Recommend in “Library Books for Students” Lists
    Main Library, Life Sciences Library, Science and Engineering Library:

    We ask the Directors of each schools, the members of the Library Committeem, the Library Book Selection Committee for the recommendation lists of “Library Books for Students” in May or June.

    International Studies Library:

    We select Library Books at the meeting of the International Studies Library Book Selection Committee, without asking for the recommendation lists.

  3. Make Book Orders to Libraries
    Main Library, Life Sciences Library, International Studies Library:

    Please send us the Title, Author, Publisher, Publish Year, ISBN Code, Price with your name, belonging and phone number, and the reason of order.

    Science and Engineering Library:

    We do not receive book orders from faculty individually. Please make recommendation through the the Library Book Selection Committee.

Alumni, Visitors

We don’t accept Book Orders / Suggestions from Alumni and Visitors, sorry.