Support by Reference Staff

Our reference staff is available to assist you with a variety of reference questions and consultations. You can consult with us about anything related to materials or information you need for your research and study, such as those listed below. Please feel free to visit the reference counter of each library.

* Please note that our reference service is available only to Osaka University members (for International Studies Library, also to Minoh residents). For others, please consult your local public library or the library of your institution.

  • About the holding status of literature(whether Osaka University Libraries has the material you need, or which institutions have it)
  • About the availability of materials held by other institutions
  • About searching literature, including how to use databases
  • How to get the literature
  • How to get information from a reference list or how to make a reference list
  • How to check how many times the article has been cited or how to check the impact factor of a journal
  • Information survey (*limited to what can be searched and answered in the library's resources)
  • Introductions to reference books and search tools related to what you are researching

Ways of supporting

  • Person-in-person consultation at reference counter
  • Via Zoom
  • By e-mail

*You need to install Zoom on your device prior to a Zoom consultation. You don't have to make your account (to sign up).
Setup details will be provided after your inquiry is received.

Letters of referral

We can issue letters of referral for visiting libraries of other institutions.

Please check the following before applying.

  • Please search Osaka University Library Catalog to see if Osaka University Libraries does not have the material you need.
  • Please confirm that the library you are visiting has the material you need (List of university libraries).
  • Please check the opening days of the library you are visiting on its website and apply well in advance.

After congfirming the above, please apply via Application form for visiting other university libraries.


Telephone number E-mail
Main Library Reference Counter 06-6850-5070
Life Sciences Library Counter 06-6879-2415
Science and Engineering Library Counter 06-6879-7187
International Studies Library Reference Counter 072-730-5126