Learning Support Desk - Support by Learning Supporters (LSs)

Who is a Learning Supporter (LS)?

Learning Supporters (LSs) are graduate student staff in Osaka University Library. They, who specialize in various fileds, will support your studies at the Learning Support Desks. Feel free to ask them for their support!

* Learning Supporters are only available during school terms (April - early August and October - early February)

Today’s LS

The information of Today's LS.

Location and Desk Hours

  • Please click on one of the buttons below to check Desk Hours in each library.
  • *The Life Sciences Library's Learning Support Desk is closed from April 2022. Please contact the LS of the other 3 libraries.


Study support at Learning Support Desk

Learning Supporters welcome your questions about studies at the Learning Support Desk in each library. If you are having trouble in understanding what was taught in classes, have no idea what to write for essay assignments, or wondering whether you should go on to graduate school, we are here to help you.


Online Study Support

Learning Supporters have started online study support by using video meeting system. Please click on one of the buttons below to check details in each library.

オンラインでの学習相談(About Online Study Support)

E-mail form

We will reply by email. It may take several days to reply.

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Creating Pathfinders

Pathfinders are leaflets that introduce useful resources to learn a certain topic. Pathfinders are provided in each library as well as on the website.

Workshops and Guidance

Learning Supporters provide a variety of workshops and guidance that will help students’ studies and college life. The topics range from their specialties to general academic skills. The schedule of the workshops and Guidance and the materials of the past workshops and guidance are available on the website.

Recommending useful books

Learning Supporters select, introduce and exhibit books they recommend.