Lists of e-Books by Publisher / Vendor

Cambridge Core R

You can access resources provided by Cambridge University Press including those in engineering (137 titles), physics (133 titles), mathematics (2031 titles), medical science (187 titles), most-read eBooks which were published in 2011 (236 titles), collections of academic books specialized in Japan, China, or Asia (60 titles), Data Science (46 titles) and others (228 titles).

Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive

You can access 59 monographs in biology and life science which were published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press from 1970 to 2009.

Cold Spring Harbor Symposia Online Archive

This archive contains the record of symposia held in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. You can access the 70-year archive which dates back to Volume 1 in 1993 as well as very recent volumes.

eBook Collection(EBSCOhost)(NetLibrary) R

You can read 756 Japanese eBooks and about 3400 free-access foreign books.

Only one user at a time can access each title.

Elsevier ScienceDirect R

Elsevier reference works, book series and Books are accessible on ScienceDirect.

Emerald Publishing R

You can use Emerald Publishing SDGs eBooks (100 titles).


About 1,000 titles in medical science published by Karger between 1997 and 2020 are available on this site.

Kinokuniya Digital Library (KinoDen) R

This site provides access to more than 1000 Japanese eBooks.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins(LWW) R

Approximately 500 titles in the medical field, including the Washington Manual, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, are available.

Making of the Modern World (MOMW) R

This site provides access to two collections of social science publications. The full-text databases can be cross searched.

  • MOMW-I: The Goldsmiths’-Kless Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850

    It contains 61,000 social science related books published from the mid-15th century to 1850 mainly on history of economics, business administration, and social thought, as well as 445 periodicals.

  • MOMW-II: Making of the Modern World, Part II: 1851-1914

    It contains 5,000 titles (more than 1.2 million pages) on sociology, economics, and business administration published from 1851 to 1914. The collection consists of books, reports, record of communications, speeches, and investigation reports.

Maruzen eBook Library R

More than 3000 Japanese eBooks are accessible on this site.

Only one user at a time can access each title.

Oxford University Press R

Oxford University Press provides you with access to eBooks in the areas of biology (97 titles), mathematics (81 titles), and physics (154 titles), which are published by Oxford University Press. You can also use Very Short Introduction (690 titles).

ProQuest Ebook Central R

ProQuest offers a platform for international eBooks.

Only one user at a time can access each title.

SAGE eReference R

You can use 27 Sage reference books in such disciplines as sociology, education, politics, environment, and social studies research methods.

Springer eBook R

More than 15,000 eBooks published by Springer Nature in a variety of disciplines are accessible via this site.

Taylor & Francis eBooks R

Taylor & Francis eBooks related to Japan (201 titles) and other topics (approximately 100 titles) are available to Osaka University users.

Only one user at a time can access each title.

The Washington Manual

You can access three titles of the Washington Manual book series, which is widely read throughout the world.

  • The Washington Manual of Critical Care
  • The Washington Manual of Echocardiography
  • The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics
  • The Washington Manual of Outpatient Internal Medicine
  • The Washington Manual of Pathology
  • The Washington Manual of Surgery
  • The Washington Manual of Surgical Pathology
  • The Washington Manual Pulmonary Medicine Subspecialty Consult

Wiley Online Library R

The Wiley Current Protocols series and other Wiley eBooks, 784 titles in total, are accessible on this site.

World Scientific eBooks R

You can access 364 eBooks on mathematics published by World Scientific Publishing.

Important Note

Each publisher prohibits in its terms of use excessive access and downloading in a short period of time. Any violation may result in penalty imposed to the entire university community, including suspension of access to the concerned publisher’s e-resources.

For further information, please refer to Appropriate Use Policy for E-resources.