Philosophy and objectives


Osaka University, based on its philosophy and objectives, establishes the Osaka University Library (herein referred to as "the Library") as an all-discipline organization essential in realizing world-leading research and education, and aims to serve as a body of knowledge solid in the fundamentals of academic information.

To accomplish this, the Library provides not only persons involved in the University, but also the public with the latest academic information, support services and an education/research environment, and contributes to academic activities through cooperating and interacting with other on- and off-campus organizations.


  1. The Library selects, collects, organizes and maintains materials and electronic information as a human intellectual heritage, and provides outstanding access to this heritage.
  2. The Library supports education and research activities by providing a wealth of data and relevant information, and organizing a support system for users.
  3. The Library assists students to be pro-active in learning by providing information literacy education in addition to providing materials and related information.
  4. The Library aims to be a hub of academic information flow by co-operating with other organizations within the university, and promoting mutual co-operation and information exchange with other libraries and related institutions both in and out of Japan.
  5. The Library contributes to local communities and society by making its facilities and documents publicly available as well as by holding events such as lectures and exhibitions.
  6. The Library, in meeting the above principles, endeavors to fully grasp the needs of its users and to be able to answer those needs, as it strives to enhance the knowledge, skills and awareness of the library clerical staff as professionals.