Notice: The delivery timing of due date reminder e-mail will be changed.

July 4th, 2019

The delivery timing of reminder e-mail of the due date will be changed as below.

Before: two days before the due date
After: three days and one day before the due date. (i.e. twice)

Changed from: the e-mail sent on 10th July, 2019
(Current reminder two days before the due date will be sent until 10th July, 2019.)

We hope it will help you prevent overdue items.

Reminder e-mail of the due date

To what e-mail address is it sent?

  • OU menbers: Please check via web service “Edit your personal information”.
  • Alumni and Visitors: Sent to the e-mail address submitted in the application form of the library card.

If you are not receiving reminder e-mails...

  1. Please turn off your e-mail rejection setting for the e-mail address “” and the domain “”.
  2. Please check whether there is any spelling mistake in your registered e-mail address.

For your reference

  • You can also check your borrowing status, and renew items via web service “View Borrowing and Hold Status”.
  • If you find an item which you have already returned in your borrowing status, we are sorry to trouble you, but please contact the library where you returned it.

Note: Only OU members can use web service (OU personal ID is required).