【Database】Trial of "The Japan Times Archives", "The Japan Advertiser","The Japan Times of 1860s"(-3/31)

February 26th, 2020

Following databases are available for Trial until March 31.
・The Japan Times Archives
・The Japan Advertiser
・The Japan Times of 1860s
which are scheduled to be contracted from April 2020.

  • 【Period (JST)】2020/2/26 (Wed.) – 2020/3/31 (Tue.)
  • 【Access】http://ipm-archives.japantimes.co.jp/

    • The Japan Times Archives
      The Japan Times is an English-language newspaper with the oldest history in Japan since the Meiji era.
      The Japan Times Archives enables users to search for articles across 120 years, ranging from the inaugural issue in March 1897 to December 2018.

    • The Japan Advertiser
      The Japan Advertiser is an English-language newspaper mainly written by American reporters and published in 1913-1940 for Europeans and Americans living in Japan.

    • The Japan Times of 1860s
      Content: 223 pages, weekly paper, 4-8 pages per issue. Includes domestic and foreign news; information on foreign ships and court trials, plus ads for companies and embassies in Japan