Online Study Support by Learning Supporters (from November 9)

November 24th, 2020

[November 9, 2020]

In Osaka University Internatinal Studies Library, Learning Supporters (LSs) have started online study support by using video meeting system for students in Osaka University since November 9.
Please check out the details on "How to access Online Study Support".

When it is difficult for you to come to campus because of the influence of COVID-19, please feel free to use this service.

※A face-to-face study support at Learning Support desk in the library is started as usual (Only weekdays in term of classes).
Please come to LS desk directly.

The period of the service

Nov. 9, 2020- To Be Determined

The target of the service

Students of Osaka University

Online desk hours and contents


Graduate SchoolLanguageMon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.
Language and CultureD2Hungarian, English11:00-14:00
Language and CultureM2English11:00-14:00
Language and CultureD1German, English14:00-17:00
Language and CultureM1Chinese, English14:00-17:00
Language and CultureD2English, Persian11:00-14:00
Language and CultureD2English14:00-17:00
Language and CultureD3English11:00-13:00
Language and CultureM2Korean, Thai13:00-16:00

Examples of study support

  • Troubles in understanding what was taught in classes
  • Ideas what to write for essay assignments
  • How to use software (Microsoft Word, Excel and so on)
  • How to study foreign languages
  • Correction of Japanese essays(for overseas students)

Using Software

・Zoom (Zoom Video Communications)

This is a freeware. You need to install it in your PC in advance.
It is unnecessary to resister an account in this case.
We inform how to prepare in detail by e-mail after your apply.

Contact us

外国学図書館 ラーニング・サポートデスク

Learning Supporters also accept your consultations by e-mail. Please feel free to contact to the above address.