Appropriate Use Policy for E-resources

October 12th, 2022

Please note the following policies before using E-resources.

Policy on Acceptable Use of E-resources

Most E-resources are licensed by the library from companies in business for profit. The following are prohibited:
Make sure violation of the terms of use may result in the suspension of the E-resources access for the entire university community.

  • Systematic downloads (especially for getting massive amounts of articles)
  • Distributing copyrighted materials
  • Use of resources for private business or commercial activities
  • Use by people other than Osaka University faculty members and students (except when a PC for walk-in users is used)

Avoid excessive downloading

Please note that the following acts may also lead to excessive downloading.

  • Manually download files one after another in a short period of time. Without using software or automated program does not mean you can download an unlimited number of files.
  • Use the link prefetching function of your browser
  • Use a function of Mendeley, EndNote or any other document management tool to automatically collect full-text files

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