Beginning the Service of Automated Stacks (June 8. 13:00~)

May 29th, 2015

The automated stacks will beginn the service from June 8. 13:00. In the automated stacks, there are mainly bound journals, you can use them by applying only through the OPAC terminals in the Main Library.

Using Ways of Materials in the Automated Stacks

  1. Searching for a material you need with an OPAC terminal in the Main Library
  2. Opening the detail of it and check its location is the automated stacks
  3. Clicking on the retrieve (出庫) button on the right side
  4. Noting the applying number and coming to the ILL Desk on 2F of Bldg. C to recieve it
  5. Borrowing it at the Main Desk on 2F of Bldg. A or photocopying with copy machienes in the library
  6. Returning it to the Main Desk

More detail information will be released later on posters etc.


  • Main Desk of Main Library (A2F):  06-6850-5067