Using Library

Quick Guide

【For Undergraduate students and Graduate students】You can enter the library and check out materials with your student ID (the one with a magnetic stripe on the back).

【For Others】You can get Library Card by applying to the counter. Please check the links below. In the case of temporary use such as non-checkout use or copying, you don’t have to show the library the certificate if you make a definite procedure at the entrance.

You can enter the library, read books and copy them. Please inform the library staff at the counter. However, note that you cannot check out the materials.
The library will issue a new Library Card. Please refer to the page below and follow the same procedure as the initial application.
[For Students, Faculty and Staff] Entering the Library and Library Card
[For Alumni, Visitors] Entering the Library and Library Card
Suspension period is not depending on the number of overdue books. If you have some library materials which have defferent deadline, the oldest deadline determines your penalty.
Please apply to the counter, putting together your Student ID Card / Library Card. You can also check these status through  “Check Status Loan/Reservation” in Web Service.
Please bring that material to the counter. You may compensate for it, depending on the status.
Students, faculty and staff can use wireless networks witu your Osaka University personal ID.
But, alumni and visitors cannot use the internet.
We have no parking available, so please use public transport.

Library Guide

Hours and Locations

For Students, Faculty and Staff

For Alumni, Visitors


how to check out/return library materials(types of library materials, loan periods and limits, Renewing loan periods, Return procedure, Overdue/Penalty, losing library materials, etc.)


Osaka University Library has a variety of Learning spaces such as Private Study Rooms, Group Study Rooms, Learning Commons and Global Commons etc.

Copying Service

You can make copies of materials only to the extent permitted by copyright law.

Requesting materials and copies

You can request materials from libraries in Osaka University and other institutions.

Visiting other academic libraries

You can visit other libraries to use/copy materials that are not owned by Osaka University.

NDL Digitized Contents Transmission Service

We offer Digitized Contents Transmission Service, provided by the National Diet Library.

Elsevier Pay-Per-View prepaid service