【Service resumed】【2023.2.1 update】About interlibrary loan(ILL) service suspension (2023/1/23~1/31)

November 14th, 2022

【Important notice】2023.2.1

Interlibrary loan service has resumed.

【Important notice】2023.1.18

Interlibrary loan service will be suspended from January 13th to 31st as we menssioned below. We will resume the service on February 1st. Please check "Services for your research reference" on this page. If you need more help with gaining materials, please do not hesitate to ask each library counter. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

【Important notice】2022.11.14
Please apply your ILL request by 12th January, 2023.

Nationwide ILL support system will be suspended from January 23rd to 31st, 2023. Therefore, accepting ILL requests from other libraries may be stopped ahead of schedule at many academic libraries. From 13th January, we will stop accepting requests for photocopies and books from libraries in Japan by OU students, faculty and staff, so please place your request as soon as possible. Please note that even if you apply your request by 12th January, the materials may be arrived at February.

The deadline of your ILL request**: 12th January, 2023
*After the deadline, …
  • You can order via web service etc., but your requested material from other university libraries will be arrived at February.
  • The express mail is not acceptable, even if you choose it.

**Quick pickup service (book/photocopy delivery service inside OU Libraries) will be available as usual throughout January.


Main Librarytosyo-sogo-ill@office.osaka-u.ac.jp
Life Sciences Librarytosyo-seimei-ill@office.osaka-u.ac.jp
Science and Engineering Librarytosyo-rikoh-desk@office.osaka-u.ac.jp
International Studies Librarytosyo-minoh-desk@office.osaka-u.ac.jp

Services for your research reference

Inside OU library

You may be able to view the full text at "E-Journals", "E-books", etc. on OU library homepage.
↑Please click "Search & Find".

Outside OU library

The NDL Digital Collections for Individuals
Remote photoduplication service for patrons in Japan by NDL
Calil カーリル(local)
You can find out which public library in Osaka owns materials which you need.
Repository site of each university
You may be able to view the full text of each university bulletin or dissertation.
Visiting other academic libraries
Please contact each OU library counter early before visiting there.