【Database】Changes and termination of some database contracts

March 22nd, 2018

Some of the databases contracts will be changed or cancelled on March 31st, 2018.

Change of Platform

The interfaces of the following databases will be changed, while the databases themselves will still be available.

  • Econlit (Ovid → EBSCO)
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) (Cengage → NII REO)
  • ERIC (Ovid → EBSCO, ProQuest)
  • MLA International Bibliography (ProQuest → EBSCO)
  • PsycINFO (Ovid → EBSCO)
  • ※Before using PsycINFO, you need to get ID and Password. Please check How to use database

*The data saved in old platform will be deleted. Please check and save your data in old platform as needed.

One of the new platforms (EBSCOhost) has already been made available as a trial for the following three databases: Econlit, ERIC, MLA International Bibliography.

access URL(for access from on campus)

User Guide

EBSCO Interfaces - User Guide (English)

EBSCOhostマニュアル (Japanese)

Changes on term of use

Some changes will be made to the limits on numbers of users at a time, and optional contents.

  • JDreamIII Limit on Number of Users 10 → 2
  • 医中誌Web(Ichushi-Web) Limit on Number of Users 12 → unlimited
  • 人民日報(People’s Daily) Limit on Number of Users 3 → 1
  • 聞蔵(Kikuzo Ⅱ Visual) Optional contents "Prefectural Editions" will be unavailable

Contract termination on March 2018

  • Web OYA-bunko
  • 理科年表プレミアム(Chronological Scientific Tables)

Inquiries regarding this matter

Please make sure that you write the database name in subject as well as your name and where you belong in body of the e-mail.