Learning Support Desk – Support by Learning Supporters (LSs)

Who is a Learning Supporter (LS)?

Learning Supporters (LSs) are graduate student staff in Osaka University Library. They, who specialize in various fileds, will support your studies at the Learning Support Desks. Feel free to ask them for their support!



Location and Desk Hours

  • You can get support from Learning Supporters (LSs) in the four libraries: Main Library, Life Sciences Library, Science and Engineering Library, and International Studies Library
  • The Desks are open on weekdays during class terms (closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, or during breaks). Please refer to the sections below for the LS Desk Hours in each library.

Main Library  Life Sciences Library  Science and Engineering Library  International Studies Library

Main Library

There are 13 LSs. [Oct. 1, 2018]

Desk Hours

Learning Commons Global Commons (English support available) Studying Abroad  *2019.1.4 updated
Learning Commons LS Poster Glocal Commons LS Poster LS Studying Abroad Poster

Members introduction  *2019.1.4 updated


Ask via E-mail

Answered only during LS Desk Hours


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Life Sciences Library

There are 5 LSs. [2018. 6~]

Human SciencesM212:00-15:0015:00-18:00

 E-mail:Life Sciences Library 

Science and Engineering Library

 Profiles of LSs

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Field of StudyMon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.
Materials and Manufacturing ScienceM211:00-13:0012:00-14:00
Managiment of Industry and TechnologyM215:00-17:0014:00-17:00
Applied ChemistryM215:00-17:0012:00-14:00
Electrical, Electronic and Information EngineeringM112:00-14:0015:00-17:00
Mechanical EngineeringM111:00-13:0013:00-15:00
Human SciencesM213:00-15:0015:00-17:00

 E-mail:Science and Engineering Library 


International Studies Library

There are 9 LSs belong to the Graduate School of Language and Culture, the Osaka School of International Public Policy. [2018.4~]

Graduate SchoolLanguageMon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.
Language and CultureD1English, Burmese11:00-14:00
Language and CultureM2Chinese, English15:00-17:00
Language and CultureD3English13:00-16:00
Language and CultureD1English11:00-14:00
Language and CultureD2Chinese, English14:00-16:00
Language and CultureM2English, Persian10:00-13:00
Osaka School of International Public PolicyD1Chinese, English13:00-16:00
Language and CultureM2English, Arabic11:00-14:00
Language and CultureD2English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish14:00-17:00

 LS Recommended Books

 E-mail:International Studies Library