Trial of Elsevier ScienceDirect Pay-Per-View Prepaid Service

What is Pay-Per-View prepaid service?

Pay-Per-View prepaid service offered by Elsevier allows using a deposit for downloading individual articles from Elsevier journals that the Library does not have subscription to. The University has made an advance deposit for 1,000 downloads, under which users can purchase articles at a price lower than individual purchase with a credit card.

Service start date

July 17th, 2018

Who can use the service?

This service is available to Osaka University staff members, who can use public expenses (management expenses grant).

*User registration processes each with Elsevier and the Library are required in advance.

Download Fee

¥1,000 per article (Payable only as public expenses)

How to register

To use the Pay-Per-View prepaid service, you must complete the following procedues1and 2 in advance.

Please refer to How to register for more information.

1. User registration with Elsevier (ScienceDirect)

To use the Pay-Per-View prepaid service, you must have a ScienceDirect account registered with OU domain email address.

  • If you do not have the above ScienceDirect user account, see procedure 1-1 in How to register.
  • If you already have the above ScienceDirect user account, see procedure 1-2 in How to register.

Even if you already have a ScienceDirect user account, please log in to ScienceDirect once again from the internal network of Osaka University before taking the following procedure, and confirm that the registered email address has the OU domain.

2. Submit Application to the Library

Fill out the application ( Word / PDF ), and send it to the following address. Please confirm that the email address in the application matches the address registered with Elsevier.

Address: Electronic Content Section, Main Library (on Toyonaka campus)

*The Library will make the settings on receiving the application, and notify the completion of registration by sending a notice to the address on the application.

*Please note that it may take some time before the process is completed.

How to use

Log in to ScienceDirect, and choose Osaka University, Prepaid (the organization for users of the prepaid service).
Please refer to How to use for more information.


This prepaid service at the University has an upper limit of 1,000 downloads. Please note that the service will end once the total usage reaches this limit. When the total reaches the limit, we will notify on this page.

Notices including the above and registration renewal information will be sent to the email address that you have registered. Please check your email regularly.

How to pay

Fees will be charged as public expenses, through the quarterly transfer of implemented budget. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at the address below.


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About budget and payment   Accounting Section